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Driven, highly creative and multitalented graphic designer with extensive experience in design, video production, photography and marketing. Passionate and inventive creator of innovative campaigns and content. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills and a dynamic team player. Always in constant pursuit of perfection and inspired by art, music and the outdoors.

Design | Video Production | Photography

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Studio One Eleven

WELL Certification

Better buildings to help people thrive. The WELL v2™ pilot is the next version of the pioneering WELL Building Standard™, the first rating system to focus exclusively on the impacts of buildings on human health and wellness.

Felt Bicycles

Born and Bred in California

Felt Bicycles was founded in California, a land of pioneers, entrepreneurial mavericks, technology-driven mavens, and the most passionate outdoor fanatics you’ll find anywhere. Since 1991, we have strived to be the most innovative cycling company on the planet.

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